about us

Brooks+Grey Design is a Surrey, British Columbia-based graphic design studio: print media design, website design, illustration, copywriting and more!

Donna Brooks has more than 25 years of experience in graphic design, a variety of print processes such as preprint, lithography and postprint, the retail environment and customer relations. Though she has found her market niche in packaging design, where she has been able to express her illustration and design strengths, Donna also has particular skill in managing and coordinating large corporate projects seamlessly. She has the ability to focus on the goal while multitasking art direction and design from the initial corporate identity through packaging, point-of-purchase and catalogues. When there’s time, Donna enjoys travelling the world.

Robert Grey has been an art director, graphic designer and illustrator for more than 35 years, and during that time has especially focused on production technology for print and electronic media. His wide-ranging interests have included teaching university college-level courses in illustration and print production. When there’s a spare moment, he enjoys wilderness camping,  composing and recording music, as well as editing and writing fiction.

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Associates include copywriters, editors, publishers, illustrators, translators, internet developers and programmers, as well as printing companies.

All our work is a collaboration between colleagues, most importantly including the clients.