This is the vault for topics consigned to the shadows. Shine a light in and there’s gold to be mined. For example, “Demon Lover” can be about either a vampire or an archetype that possesses at times, and freedom from it. (2016) Stay tuned: more to come.

Optimism has a place in the grand scheme of things, not so? Appearances to the contrary notwithstanding, darkness is only the absence of light, ignorance only the absence of knowledge. (2016) Stay tuned: more to come.

A foray into songwriting, instrumentals based on musical ideas formed decades ago, as well as a couple of soundtrack themes for a short film. (2007) Stay tuned: more remixes/remasters to come.

The Green Man
After a hiatus of non-playing for 20 years, instrumentals based on guitar licks noodled decades ago, as well as some vocals, including covers of songs by The Beatles, Donovan and Iris DeMent. (2005)