web design

a website should be responsive

This means that, instead of simply scaling down to a mini version of itself, it will gracefully reconfigure when viewed on all the various devices available today, from desktop computers with large monitors and laptops to tablets and smartphones.

Responsive web designIf your site is responsive, your chances of capturing users visiting on mobile devices will increase, and bounce rates will drop (a bounce refers to a visitor not being able to easily access page content, then leaving the site). Capturing users means more readers of your content, possibly leading to more sales of your products.

a website should be up-to-date in appearance

While we don’t necessarily buy the flavour-of-the-moment design ideology, we do follow trends that tell your visitor that you are culturally-aware and growing with the times. Flat design or skeuomorphism? Whichever direction is taken, an aesthetic that communicates well makes good sense.

good typography is essential

We pay a lot of attention to how the words present themselves, adding another subtle level of communication and making reading a pleasure.

present yourself as an authority in your field

Blogging is the ideal vehicle for this, one that will attract a following. We can help with setting one up, and providing copywriting or editing if necessary.

make it user-friendly

With fast and easy-to-use features, make your visitors happy they discovered you. As for you the site owner, we won’t bore you with technicalities, but search engine optimization (SEO), a site search function, social media integration, visitor tracking, cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility are part of the structure of every site we build.

And of course, we’re available for maintenance and updates whenever you need them.